Monday, 25 April 2016

Real or Fake? Lime Crime Velvetines from Ebay Review and Comparison | The Lipstick Hub

Recently I ordered a few Lime Crime Velvetine duplicates from Ebay. I would like to preface by saying that I am aware that these are fakes, I do not truly believe that there are genuine Velvetines being sold for about $1. If you would like to buy genuine Lime Crime products, then you can go to to see their retailers or buy directly from their website. I would also like to address that I am aware that bad chemicals can be found in knock-off products, and that they have caused allergic reactions previously in some cases, however that is why I spot-test before applying directly all over my lips. It is also up to the buyer on whether or not they would like to purchase the product or not, I am not promoting these in anyway, I am simply comparing what is being sold on Ebay to the actual Lime Crime Velvetines.

So now that that little disclaimer is over, lets get into the actual review and comparison shall we? You can purchase these really cheap Velvetines from Ebay or Aliexpress, those two are probably the most common places, I'm unaware of any others. I bought three, each of my most used Velvetines, Red Velvet, Pink Velvet and Cashmere.

L-R: Red Velvet, Pink Velvet and Cashmere

My first impression of the packaging was fairly okay. The box that Cashmere came in was clearly old and fading but I didn't mind it. They said they were sample sizes on Ebay but these are full sized Velvetines. I did notice a few differences between the real ones and the fake ones. 

L-R: Fake Red Velvet, Real Red Velvet, Fake Pink Velvet, Real Pink Velvet, Fake Cashmere, Real Cashmere

There are a few differences that you can see, especially in the flash photo. Firstly, the fake Red Velvet doesn't have a matte tube, it has a very cheap plastic tube. The colours also come off a lot more vibrant through the real tubes. The closest tubes were the Pink Velvets. The font is different on my real one because it is from their original packaging from a couple of years ago. However there is a difference in the colouring of the roses on my fake Pink Velvet, it was a lot less red and more of a deep pink, there is a comparison photo down below. Another difference is between the Cashmere's and the Red Velvet's and thats the height. They were actually taller than my real ones.

Fake Pink Velvet next to Fake Cashmere for heigh difference and difference in colour on the roses.

Swatches of the fakes next to the real deal. First up we have the Red Velvets, the fake one only dried down to a semi matte, rather than fully matte like the real one. It was also quite patchy and was a bit darker than the real one. As for Pink Velvet, the fake one was more like a chunky gloss rather than a liquid to matte lipstick. The texture wasn't pleasant, it had no colour payoff, it was almost a completely different product. The fake Cashmere was by far my favourite out of the three, the colour was pretty much what I wanted Cashmere to actually be. The colour was a little patchy, though you do get that with high end brands as well, it just happens with lighter colours in general. You could definitely add a second coat to make it more opaque and pigmented. It was a lovely shade, I wouldn't call it a dupe for Cashmere by any means. Cashmere was also the only fake to dry down to a complete matte formula.

To summarise, it could be worth it, especially for only a couple of bucks. Its a bit hit and miss though. Also as they are coming from Hong Kong, they do take a while to arrive and mostly likely they won't arrive all in one package. I'm disappointed in Red Velvet and Pink Velvet but I don't really mind because they weren't expensive and I didn't have high expectations for them anyway. Cashmere was surprisingly nice.

If you've ordered these let me know what you thought of them in the comments down below! I'd love to hear your thoughts and experiences.