Thursday, 10 March 2016

Appelles Apothecary & Lab | Brand Review | The Lipstick Hub

I would like to say first off, that this is not a sponsored post. I did buy all of these products with my own money.

Appelles is a brand I stumbled upon from after visiting some family and I instantly fell in love with them. To start off on some basic information on Appelles, it's an Australian skin and hair care brand, that's relatively pretty new. Appelles are a cruelty free brand and all the products are locally made.

The first product I ever tried from Appelles is the Wheat Protein shampoo, it is such a great shampoo that for one of the first times in my life, I felt like I didn't need to condition my hair afterwards. On the website it states that the Wheat Protein shampoo is ideal for normal to fine hair. I have pretty thick hair and it still worked great on me but if you are someone who fits into one of those categories, I would definitely recommend checking them out.

Around early-ish last year, a subscription box service (either Lust Have It or Violet Box, or a different one entirely) had featured Appelles in their box, which had the Blackseed shampoo and Tamanu conditioner. You can't actually get the 35ml sizes from their website, they are specifically for these kinds of services, like subscription boxes or hotel complementary shampoo and conditioner. The Blackseed shampoo and Tamanu conditioner have Rosemary, Ylang Ylang and Lavadin Super in them. The Tamanu conditioner has a very cream lotion type consistency and it definitely smells like when you walk into a new age store. I don't mind that though, it just makes me think that it has really good, natural ingredients in it. This duo is ideal for damaged and coloured treated hair, so since I've bleached and dyed my hair it's been a really good combination for me. The twist off lid can be a little difficult to open but its not too bad.

The other two products I have from Appelles are the Vitamin B5 skin lotion and the Comfrey hand and body wash. The Vitamin B5 skin lotion has Mandarin Peel, Rosemary and Cinnamon Bark in it. The Comfrey hand and body wash has Australian Lemon Myrtle, Sandalwood and Rosalina in it. When I first saw the ingredients of the skin lotion I thought the smell would really turn me off the product but I don't really smell the cinnamon at all. It has a really woodsy smell to it. The lotion itself is a quite thick formula so it can be a little difficult to get out of the bottle and it's a cream colour. Despite the thick formula, it applies really nice and evenly to the skin and does leave the smell on your skin. I haven't really noticed a huge difference in my skin after applying the lotion but maybe after a few weeks of using the product, you'd start to see a difference in your skin. The Comfrey body wash is probably my favourite product that I have. It's clear and is much more runnier than the lotion. It has a very fruity smell that I love, it's not quite as citrus-y as you think it would be because of the lemon, but it definitely makes me feel clean and fresh. If I could only repurchase one of these products I would definitely get the Comfrey body wash.

Appelles do have other products like bath fizzes, candles and essential oils but these are the products that I currently have. I do think that it is a bit expensive but for the beautiful packaging and amazing ingredients, I do think that it's worth the money. I would definitely recommend checking them out.