Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Hidden Gems #9 - Profusion 6 Eyeshadow Palettes | The Lipstick Hub

This week's Hidden Gem are the Profusion 6 eyeshadow palettes. I have 3 of them though I know I have seen another one. These can be found at the Reject Store, Kmart and IGA as far as I know.

These palettes are incredibly cheap, I don't remember the exact price but it's either $10 or under. The packaging itself is pretty cheap but packaging is not essential. I do like it though, I think the ombre/gradient effect looks quite cute. The lid magnetises shut so there's no buttons to click or anything. It has a mirror in the palette which is always nice especially when travelling. The palettes do come with foam applicators but I don't keep those so I threw them away. 

The three palettes I have are the Drama palette, Shimmer palette and the Smoky palette. The shades are absolutely stunning, though they are all shimmers. There are no mattes in these palettes. These shades do have glitter in them, it's not too chunky but it does get everywhere. When swatching the colours they can come off a little chalky but they are really smooth and buttery. They are highly pigmented, especially when first swatching them on your fingers.

These swatches are of the 1st and 4th shadows in each palette, in L-R order, Smoky, Shimmer and Drama

I would definitely recommend checking these palettes out, especially for a starter, or a budget friendly makeup lover. They have a nude/naked type palette though I don't think it has matte shades in it. I hope this was helpful for you guys, if it was please let me know in the comments down below.