Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Revlon Nail Art Shiny Matte Duo Review | The Lipstick Hub

The Revlon nail art shiny matte duo is something I picked up from Priceline ages ago but I'm fairly certain you can still get them in stores. The one that I have it in the shade 530 Emerald Suede which comes with a deep emerald colour with light green reflects and the other shade is the suede shade, a very light pink nude that finishes matte.

I really like the concept of this double ended nail polish and the colour combos that Revlon have are really nice. The colours complement each other perfectly. As for the nail polishes themselves, they are really good quality. They are super opaque, you only need one layer for it to opaque although you can build it up as well. I really liked the matte suede shade, it lasted about a week before I started to see any cracking and that was without a base or top coat. I did attempt to see if the American Apparel matte top coat would do anything to the nail polish even though it was already matte, all it did was make it glossy. So the two mattes kind of cancelled each other out and made it glossy which I wasn't happy about so I just reapplied the nail polish on top and it was fine.

These are fast drying nail polishes even if they aren't advertised as so, they do dry down quite quickly. Overall I love this polishes, I know I'm a bit late to the bandwagon with this one but I do think that these are spectacular, if I can pick up more I will for sure.