Thursday, 25 February 2016

Real or Fake? Korean Beauty Trend, Peel Off Lip Paints | The Lipstick Hub

So you want to buy an Asian beauty product on eBay or maybe on a website that has very little english, how do you know if it's a real or a fake. Here's a few handy tips to figure out if it's a real or a fake product.

1. Look at the brand, Monomola (a brand which I got in my Bellabox) is the real deal. Whereas Romantic Bear, isn't the real deal, you'll find Romantic Bear on eBay or Aliexpress more than anything. Monomola actually have their own website.

2. Packaging, packaging is everything. Monomola came with a box, and has a metallic, reflective tube. Romantic Bear doesn't have that reflective packaging. Romantic bear also doesn't list the product code and expiry date on the top. The fake label also doesn't cover all of the product, it leaves a white line before the lid. There are more packaging differences but these are the main ones.

3. The actual product itself, many of Monomola's reviews are genuine and the product works great. However upon some research of Romantic Bear, there have been many negative cases of reactions on the lips to the product. It is quite gory so if you are sensitive to that certain genre, maybe don't look it up.

4. The price, Monomola's price on Bellabox's website is $10. However you can get Romantic Bear for as cheap as $1. While it is a bargain, lower pricing can give away that it is a fake. The brand is able to put it on eBay for so cheap because it was cheap to manufacture.

These are just little things to be aware of when purchasing products from foreign countries.

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