Friday, 12 February 2016

The Perfect Lipsticks for Valentines Day

I have selected 10 11 (One more was added by accident while I was taking photos, however it does make a very lovely Valentine's day lipstick colour), lipsticks to match you on your special day/night. Now it doesn't matter if you don't have a date on Vday, you could always rock these colours on some other date night or maybe an office party.

1. Sugar Pill's Matte Lip Colour in Nurse - Last year I got my hands on Sugar Pill's new lipsticks and let me tell you, never have I ever put on such pigmented lipsticks. The two colours are on this list because they are bloody perfect for a date night. The red shade, Nurse, is such a true red. It does lean more towards a blue based red but honestly it is that perfect Ruby Woo but not Ruby Woo red.

2. Sugar Pill's Matte Lip Colour in Girl Crush - They described this as a magenta colour and I don't really know if I'd call it magenta but it doesn't matter to me. It's the pink shade that every little girl wants to smear all over their lips. The pink is darker than the pink on the packaging but it's such a unique shade in my collection that I just had to include it on the list.

3. Rimmel's Moisture Renew Lipstick in 240 Tower of Mauve - This was the extra lipstick that wasn't supposed to be on the list because it was this week's hidden gem but it truly is a nice colour to wear on a date. The perfect moisturising nude shade that's really pigmented, the only downside is that it isn't kiss proof.

4. Essence lipstick in Sparkling Romance - Doesn't the name just scream Valentine's Day? While it's not the most pigmented lipstick on the planet, it leaves a really nice sparkle on the lips that completes whatever look you're rocking.

5. Kat Von D's Limited Edition Studded Kiss Lipstick in Gold Blooded - This is a pure red lipstick that's is more yellow based, but also includes gold specs throughout it. While it was limited edition from her recent christmas collection, if you have it, I would definitely consider pulling this one out for your date.

6. Chi Chi Viva La Diva Lipstick in Fashion Police - Chi Chi lipsticks are perfect when you need to pick up a certain lipstick shade last minute, not only because you can buy them in store at target but because they are also very cheap. Out of all the colours I own I chose this one to swatch for you guys because it's so different from the rest I listed. Its very much a coral based pink that would go perfectly with a bright pink blush.

7. Tanya Burr's lip gloss in Macaroon - This was part of her christmas advent calendar but it is the most beautiful subtle pink lip gloss. Not to mention it tastes and smells like delicious sugar cookies! I didn't include a lot of lip glosses because I don't like the formula's and they aren't kiss proof but if you hate liquid lipsticks and normal lipsticks, then this may be the perfect choice for you. And if I had to include any lip gloss formula, it would definitely be this one.

8. Dose of Colors Limited Edition Dare to Dazzle Trio in Corset - For those of you who aren't loving the bright shades and want to tone it down... a lot. Then the Dare to Dazzle trio is litterally the best thing that you could choose for Valentine's day. Corset is the more plum-y purple dark vampy colour in the set and has red reflects in it. Every colour in the Dare To Dazzle Trio is metallic so keep that in mind. They are also the matte liquid lipstick formula.

9. Dose of Colors Limited Edition Dare to Dazzle Trio in Scarlet Lace - Again it's a very blue based red but this time it has purple reflects, it's very similar to Jeffree Star's Hoe Hoe Hoe colour from his Christmas collection but if you're looking for a unique red to stand out this Sunday, then definitely check this shade out.

10. Dose of Colors Limited Edition Dare to Dazzle Trio in Teddy - This is pretty much the only brow on my list except for maybe the Rimmel one if you count that. But this brown is again a unique shade from all the other brown shades, asides from being metallic it has red and gold reflects in it. And it might even be one of my favourites out of this entire list. If I don't wear it on Valentine's Day specifically, I'll wear it on a different date night that's for sure.

11. The Balm Meet Matt(e) Hughes liquid lipstick in Sentimental - This is probably my favourite on the list. It's not the typical 1920's red it's actually a very hot pink that in some crappy lighting, could be passed for a red. It's very blue based and literally smells like mint choc chip ice-cream. Also for those of you who don't know, lip products with mint in them tend to plump your lips more because of the tingly feeling on your lips, you'll notice quite a few lip plumping products have a minty smell to them.

I hope you guys enjoyed the list and maybe found something to wear on Sunday. Comment down below what was your favourite on the list or maybe you've found your own shade to wear. Let me know if I should have added anything to the list or anything I should look out for. Anyway I'll talk to you guys on Monday xx