Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Natural Glamour Bronzed and Beautiful Collection Review | The Lipstick Hub

In a recent Priceline catalogue they showed a product that looked oddly similar to the Too Faced bronzer wardrobe, it's by the brand Natural Glamour so I thought I'd test it out. The product retails for $40, though apparently valued by the supplier for $230. I've never heard of the brand Natural Glamour so I don't know how true that is.

The bronzer book has 6 shades in it. Starting from the top, going clockwise, we have Contour and Highlight, Hint of Pink, Radiant Glow, Safari Sun, Sun Kissed Glow and Forever Summer. The shades are beautiful and I do think they would suit a lot of different skin types. The are a little less pigmented than I would have hoped but it is quite buildable. I would probably skip the blush and highlighter when wearing these as they are quite shimmery and a couple are a little pink based. All in all I really do like the product, I've never heard of the brand but I was really surprised by this. If you see this in your local Priceline, give it a go for sure.

Please excuse the FitBit haha. The shades are in the order, listed above.