Monday, 29 February 2016

Collective Haul | From Sephora US, Priceline, Mecca and Daiso and Much, Much More! | The Lipstick Hub

Happy Leap Year Day! Get ready for this haul because it's huge. It's basically everything I got in the month of February. Grab some popcorn and put on some relaxing music. I'm going to have to go in order of shops because there is way too much here for one big pile dump, after stating what I got, I'll do a little mini review for you guys.

Forever 21: Two Clear Acrylic 9 Lipstick Holders, a Holographic Card Holder and a Handbag.
The lipstick holders and the handbag are really nice, I do wish that the lipstick holders had levels though so the back ones could be on display as well. The holographic card holder is a little fiddley because it can't hold a lot of cards and it's very stiff. You have to play around with it for a little while. All in all, the lipstick holders are definitely worth checking out and I'm in love with the handbag.

Sportsgirl: Marble and Rose Gold Phone Case and a Lip Chalk in Fist Date.
The phone case is so pretty, really on trend at the moment which is probably what drew me to it. The Sportsgirl lip chalk is something I wanted to try out since they came out, I don't expect them to be like Jeffree Star's Velour Liquid Lipstick or the Colourpop Ultra Mattes. They do state that it is a matte lip cream, so I expect it to be like the Nyx Soft Matte Lip Creams. They do dry down a lot which is nice and don't tend to transfer too much. They also have a very sweet medicine smell. The smell is very pungent so if you don't like fragranced products, stay away from these, otherwise they are very nice.

Daiso: Three Mix Cheek Powders and a Charcoal Peel Off Mask
I haven't yet tried the peel off mask but I really hope that it meets my expectations, this basically the product I'm waiting for Biore to release. The mixed cheek powders were one of my Hidden Gem's in Feb so if you want my thoughts on them you can go to this post.

Colette by Colette Hayman: Cat Ears Headband
There's not much to say about this because it isn't a beauty product but nonetheless I felt it deserved a spot in my haul. It's absolutely gorgeous with the silver sparkles in the gold trim. I definitely feel like these will be making an appearance.

Lime Crime: True Love Velvetine trio and the Bae Bouquet (Perlees trio)
These were Valentine's Day sets so they are limited edition, you can buy the Perless individually. The Perlees that came in the pack were Mirage, Third Eye and Lady. All metallic creamy lipsticks. They are incredibly unique and definitely suited the theme. The velvetine's are limited edition shades and aren't sold individiually at this moment. The colours are beautiful and again are well suited to the theme. Swatches are provided below.

The left column are the Perlees from top to bottom: Mirage, Third Eye and Lady.
The right column are the Velvetines and the Sportsgirl Lip Chalk from top to bottom: Saint, True Love, Cupid and First Date

Dabry St Pharmacy: Mini Australis Velourlips Take Me Travelling Set in Nudes and Pinks
I was so thankful when I found this set because I didn't know it exsisted until after the holiday sets had finished but thankfully I had managed to get my hands on the last set. The set includes Mil-a-no, Hon-o-loo-loo, Ho-Chee-Min, Los-Angel-Es and Lun-Dun.

Woolworths: Montagne Jeunesse Cucumber Peel Off Masque
I've bought plenty of these and have mention these repeatedly, including on Instagram and on my blog, I freaking love this stuff but this one is huge, the normal one I get is 80mls and the one in this haul is 175mls.

MAC: Lipstick in Diva
I didn't want to get a whole lot at MAC, the reason I did go is because of a little blog post that will be coming up soon, so stayed tuned for that. I got Diva because, A. I only really like matte finishes from MAC but I don't mind Satin, B. I wanted a different colour to some of the other colour's I've gotten from them which are a lot of pinky-nudes so I thought Diva was a nice change of scenery.

With flash
Without flash

FB: Stila Eternally Yours Liquid Lipstick Set of 6
So the Eternally Yours set came out around Christmas time at Mecca and I didn't even know that they were out so I missed out on them because they seemingly never restocked them again. But I finally got my hands on the set from a lovely lady on Facebook.

Kmart: Four Body Mists, Love Pamper Face Mask in Peach, Botanical Choice Deep Cleansing Peel-Off Mask, Australis Take Me On Tour Contour Kit, Be Indulged Summer Pop Eye Palette
So apparently I was really into face masks because I bought two more from Kmart. I haven't tried them yet but I'm really excited. I was pretty interested in the eyeshadow palette because the colours are hella neon and I want to see if they compare to some other palettes I own. I got the contour kit because I wanted something that I could just quicky take on the go. The body mists however were amazing, they smell delicious. I've currently got 4 and I hope they release more. Keep in mind they are very strong and sweet smelling so if that isn't your thing, I'd probably stay away. Though if you do like that kind of thing, for $4 each you really can't go wrong.

Sephora US: Cinema Secrets Pro Starter Kit, Too Faced Beautifully Blushed and Bronzed, Kat Von D liquid lipstick in Requiem, also a bunch of samples.
I got the Cinema Secrets makeup brush cleaner pro starter kit because Shaaanxo talks about it a lot and this one comes with a tin that you can use for the cleaner. Speaking of youtubers, I got Requiem because NikkieTutorials always talks about KVD's Requiem and it looks stunning on her. I got the Too Faced pack because it is the cutest thing I've ever seen. It comes with two mini blushes, two mini bronzers and a mini Flatbuki brush which is perfect for contouring or blusher and it's genius. Some little samples I got were the Giorgio Armani lip maestro, Laura Mercier candleglow soft luminous foundation, Smashbox insta-matte lipstick transformer (I can't wait to see how this preforms), Becca aqua luminous perfecting foundation. I also got a little surprise which I wasn't expecting, it was an envelope full of 5 samples of perfume. So that was a cute little surprise.

Chi Chi: Meet The Girls Fragrance Collection, Soft Matte Lip Cream Collection, Glitter Eyeliner Gift Set, Spices Eyeshadow Palette, Liquid Lipstick Collection, Lip Liner in Glamourama (Not Pictured)
I didn't know that Chi Chi brought out two fragrance collections but apparently the one I got after Christmas was Meet The Girls 2, this is the first one. I will be giving my mum Peach and Mango because it's her favourite but I'm absolutely in love with the others oh my lord. I was so excited when I saw that Chi Chi had soft matte lip creams because they are so much nicer than their liquid lipsticks, they aren't completely matte but if you dab them with some tissue paper they do turn matte and they are so nicely formulated, I definitely need more of these asap. I still got the liquid lipstick collection because while they aren't my favourite formula, I still like them and they're mini so. I did stock up on my Chi Chi glitter eyeliners because they are so nice that I need back-ups incase I run out and they don't sell them anymore. Lastly the Spices palette, I wanted something to use for some Autumn looks  and this definitely speaks Autumn to me, Shaaanxo loves this palette and now so do I. I did forget to include the lip liner in this photo which I apologise for, it's a lovely pinky-red shade that just stood out to me. I've always wanted to get the rest of the Chi Chi lip liners based off the two I already own so I was pretty happy when I saw this shade.

Mecca: Kate Somerville Hydrating Firming Mist, UD Oil-Control Setting Spray, Josie Maran Pure Argan Milk 10ml, Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons Palette, Nars Steven Klein Killer Heels Lipstick Set, UD Gwen Stefani Blush Palette, Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie Lip Gloss in Hypnotist, Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Rosa, Too Faced Melted Chocolate in Chocolate Milkshake, Too Faced La Creme Color Drenched Lipstick in Unicorn Tears, 2x Josie Maran Samples and 1 Kate Somerville Sample
Woah that was a lot to get through, so most of the things were stuff that I hadn't tried before but that I wanted to like the Josie Maran stuff, the Bare Minerals lip gloss, the Stila liquid lipstick and the UD stuff. I have tried the All-Nighter setting spray from UD but I wanted the oil-control one for my oily skin. The Kate Somerville mist is a top up because I got a decent sized sample of it from Sephora US and I fell in love with it. I did get all the new stuff as soon as it was released because I'm insane like that apparently

Priceline: Models Prefer Finale Make-up Setting Mist, Savvy Lipstick Kit, Savvy Mineral Baked Blush, Savvy Ultra Matte Lip Colour, Essence Blush Up Powder Blush, Maybelline Color Blur's in I Like To Mauve It, Partner In Crimson and Pink Insanity, Maybelline Super Stay Lip Liner in Rosewood, Rimmel Kate Moss Nude Collection in the shade 45, Revlon Mascara's in Blod Lacquer and Lash Potion, 3x Australis Banana Powder, Face Of Australia Calypso Bay Nail Lacquer in A Mermaid's Tail, Sinful Colors Nail Polish in Love Nails, Essie Winter Collection, Natural Glamour Bronzed and Beautiful Collection
I already did a review on the Natural Glamour Bronzed and Beautiful Collection which you can read here. Model's Prefer actually came out with a couple other things that I also wanted as well but were never in stock so I'll have to see what I can do about that later. The Essie Nail Polishes were absolutely perfect shades for me, I'm definitely digging the white, gold and maroon trends this Winter and Autumn. I was so happy to find the Essence blush because it's been discontinued for a little while and I'm a sucker for ombre blush. Speaking of blush, I totally didn't expect the Savvy Baked Blush to be a blush, I definitely thought it was more of a baked eyeshadow, it's probably what I'll use it for anyway. The Savvy Ultra Matte Lip Colour I've already tried on and I wasn't that happy with it I don't exactly know why, and I'll definitely be giving it another go in the near future but I just can't place why I wasn't happy with it. However the Savvy Lipstick Kit, I was more than happy to get my hands on again because I am in love with the Savvy mini lipsticks and never want to run out on those. I picked up the Revlon mascara's because I heard they're being discontinued and I didn't want to miss out, and almost every store I've been to haven't had them in stock so better grab them while you can! The other nail polishes I got, I got because they are perfect mermaid colours for some up coming events and the FOA one was only $1. The Rimmel lipstick I got because they bringing in other collections and I didn't want to miss out on it, plus again they're never restocked so I grabbed it while I saw it. The Maybelline Color Blur's I was so happy about because I've literally been waiting for them ever since Shaaanxo did a video on them and now they're finally here! I also picked up the lip liner because it looks like that perfect mauve, Kylie Jenner, brown nude shade that I, and mostly everybody else, am obsessed with. Now the Australis Banana Powders weren't intentional but grab what you can right? My family members did help out with those, so I'd like to thank them as well.

That concludes my haul guys, I hope you enjoyed it, let me know in the comments or on Instagram if you did! I know it was long but if you guys made it till the end, comment "Unicorn Tears" on my Instagram photo of the collective haul photo 😘

Thank you for bearing with me and I can't wait to do another one of these. I do have more things coming in the mail that I'll be doing posts about very soon.