Monday, 22 February 2016

School Makeup Sorted! | The Lipstick Hub

Wearing makeup to school can be a little tricky, especially if your school doesn't allow makeup or if you're just starting out. These products are going to give you the most natural look on a very cheap budget.

First thing first, concealer. This was probably the first thing I put on in the morning, I mainly used concealer to cover up under eye bags (which was a big problem in high school). I would also use concealer to cover up acne and scarring or just really pronounced freckles on photo day. The first concealer I'm going to mention is for your under eyes. It's the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer, which you can get from Priceline. This is a really creamy concealer that covers up my under eyes perfectly. For acne I would use a pencil concealer because liquid concealers don't tend to stay on zits for as long and do have as much coverage. The one I'm recommending is the Crop Natural Concealer Pencil which you can get at supermarkets.

So now that you have concealer blotches all over the place, blend them out till your fingers hurt. Then you're going to add a powder foundation on top, so that you can set your concealer, making it stay longer, and so that the concealer looks a little more seamless without looking like you've put full on foundation on. The one that I've found that works really well for $2 is the Boe Beauty Pressed Powder Compact. You can buy Boe Beauty at Big W.

If you want to add a little more dimension to the face without having a full on contour, blush and highlight trio going on, I would stick to just using a bronzer. Keep it really light if you don't want to look cakey, and want to keep the look natural. There are plenty of bronzers to choose from, from plenty of brands but if you're on a budget I would highly recommend the Essence range, with each collection they bring out they'll generally bring out a bronzer too so keep your eyes out at Priceline and Target.

The next thing I was obsessed with doing every morning is my brows, I couldn't fill them in properly but I wanted them to stay in place, so I ended up sticking with a brow mascara. It has fibres in it so that your brows look a little more fuller and its a gel so it'll keep your brows in place, during crappy weather, sport or whatever else you'll be doing. The one I use is the Essence Make Me Brow, it's so cheap but an incredibly good product.

I could never not wear lip products during school but as one that banned makeup, I could only really get away with lip liner as it was the most natural product. You could use lip balm because moisturising your lips wasn't a sin but I like to add a little colour to my lips. Of course I would only wear nude lip liners, the two I used the most were the Chi Chi lip liners and the Essence lip liners. You can get Chi Chi stuff at target, Chi Chi can be a little expensive so I'd probably wait for target to have a sale on them which they do a lot.

That's my full face of makeup for school, on a budget. I hope this helped you guys out, let me know if there's anything I should add to the list or any products you could would like some advice on.