Friday, 19 February 2016

Hidden Gems #4 - Daiso Mixed Cheek Powders | The Lipstick Hub

This week's Hidden Gem are the Daiso Mixed Cheek Powders. The Mixed Cheek Powders are really shimmery blushes that come in quads. I initially heard of these from MessyDownUnder on Youtube and I had to pick these up. So far I have only gotten 3 of them, I'm not sure if there are more but you should definitely check them out.

The reason they are my Hidden Gems for this week is because for $2.80 I have never seen such, pigment and highlight from a cheap blush. Either using the colours individually or mixing them together to make a beautiful glowly pink, they look fantastic on the skin. Not to mention the packaging is hella cute. I mean its not Sugar Pill or Lime Crime packaging but its cute. (Pro tip: There wasn't anything on the back of the blushes, so I taped the packaging to the back of them so I could remember what shades they were).

I did first buy the 'Cute Color' one, which is the one with the red bow and my god I fell in love instantly. The next day I went back to Daiso and picked up some more. That's when I saw the 'Pink Color' one and the 'Magic Color' one. The Pink Color one is very similar to the Cute Color one except that it is more pink toned than the Cute Color one which is more coral toned. I was however taken back by the Magic Color one. It looks freaking stunning. I am a big believer in purple blushes so when I saw this one, I was pretty much a living heart eyes emoji. The perfect combination of pinks and lavender's had just fallen into my hands.

If you see these in store. Pick them up immediately. Though I definitely wouldn't recommend using a highlighter on top of these, they have enough shimmer as it is.