Thursday, 11 February 2016

Chi Chi Nail Polish Review

Recently for the Christmas collection, Chi Chi released a whole bunch of nail polish sets, including the two that I got the Glamourous one and the one I mentioned in a previous post, the Paris set. I tested one of the shades from the Paris set already but I thought I should do a full on review of these nail polishes because they really don't get enough recognition.

From the Glamourous set I decided to use this kind of bronze-y gold sparkly colour. The colour is called Go Go Girl. The colour is really quite beautiful and doesn't have huge chunks of glitter in it which is really nice.

I applied the Sally Hansen 2-1 base and top coat, as a base. Then two layers of the Chi Chi nail polish and then a layer of Essie's No Chips Ahead top coat. It dried pretty quickly but the nail polish could still get moved around, which it did. I do have to say that the nail polish is super pigmented and that after two coats, I can't see anything underneath it.

I would definitely say that you should give these a go, for $5 a pop, or $20 for a set of 8, they are cheap as hell for bloody good quality.