Monday, 1 February 2016

NYX Intense Butter Gloss Sets

For the holiday period, NYX released 2 sets of Intense Butter Gloss sets. Each set came with 3 glosses that were completely different from the other set. The first set, (IBLGSET01) were all within the purple/cranberry family.

The first colour is Black Cherry Tart (IBLG10). It's a very dark purple, one that I think Jaclyn Hill would call a 'Fall' colour. For me it's a perfect winter colour that isn't too harsh or bold but has enough chutzpah to make a statement.

The second colour is Spice Cake (IBLG12). Its almost that perfect maroon, burgundy colour except it's not. It's got more of a purple base to it than a red base. It's a lot more on the cool side than a true maroon colour would be. However in saying that, I think it is a perfectly unique shade, I've definitely found a gem in this set that I don't own let alone in a lipgloss form.

The third colour in the set is Berry Strudel (IBLG02). It's as every bit as neon purple as the photo suggests. It does give off that yellow effect on your teeth but I can look past that because it is a beautiful shade!

The second set's colour scheme was a little more nude than the first set. The second set (IBLGSET02) was harder to find than the first one, I don't know if that's because they didn't stock it as much or if it was just really popular.

The first colour which I accidentally swatched back to front (IBLG09) is Sorbet. It's a lovely peachy-pink. The colour is perfect for Summer/Spring. We're currently in Summer here down under and in the heat my lips get dried out hella quick so this colour is one that I am definitely going to be reaching for often.

The second colour (IBLG11) is Tres Leches. This is that Kylie Jenner, Velvet Teddy lip colour in a gloss. There aren't many lip glosses that hold up to that expectation but this one absolutely does, it layers on well on top of a lip stick or liquid lipstick, even on it's own it's pigmented enough to give you that King Kylie pout.

The third colour (IBLG06) is Chocolate Crepe. It is very much indeed a darker version of Tres Leches. I think this would be perfect on darker skin tones, I don't tend to stick to these colours because I'm not a brown lipstick gal but this would definitely stand out on a pale skin tone as well. It does make more of a statement on a pale person rather than a tan or darker person, I think it would be more of a nude colour on them.

All in all the lip glosses are perfect. They are the most pigmented lip glosses I've ever come across and they hold up well. On an average day with little touch ups after eating, these have lasted me 12 hours and leave really nice lip stains. They don't feel cakey and tacky like most lip glosses, they're actually comfortable. The packs have a lot of variety and the packaging is on point. If you want to give lip glosses a go, I would definitely pick these up. Nyx gives you a perfect colour selection and couldn't have gotten a better formula than this. Well done Nyx.