Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Hidden Gems #2 - Essence Eyebrow Pencil

Ah Essence, a brand that is only somewhat talked about here in Aus. This brand definitely deserves some more recognition. Normally I don't buy from Priceline because a lot of the brands don't have quality stuff that I like, but Essence is a brand that I will go to Priceline or target for. The recently re-made all of their stuff including their eyeshadow palettes, lip pencils and eyebrow pencils. I think they only changed the packaging because the formula's are almost identical.

The shade I got was 05 Soft Blonde and it's very much a cooler shade. Its not a warm tone shade, it's almost ashy. I do like it though, it can give you that ombre effect if you're more on the darker side but overall I love using this pencil to fill in my sparse areas. I think its a great product for it's price, it comes off not too pigmented that its darker than your natural colour but it's pigmented enough that you are able to do flicks with it to create the fake hairs.

I don't think very many people reach for the Essence eyebrow pencils because brands like Anastasia Beverly Hills have pretty much slayed the brow game forever. But if you're on a budget and would like to test out a brow pencil, try reaching for one of these.