Monday, 8 February 2016

Top 5 Best Drugstore Palettes

My personal top 5 best drugstore palettes and why they are the best! These are in no particular order, I love them all equally for different reasons.

  1. Bh Cosmetics Galaxy Chic – This palette may look cheap, even though they did change the packaging from the original, it's worth the money. You can't really buy Bh Cosmetic stuff yet in store, at least not in Australia but you can order from their site. I would consider this “drugstore” because it's so freaking cheap. Bh Cosmetics is one of those companies that always have sales on, whether it be free shipping, free palette with your order or just a certain percentage off on the actual palette itself. I have a couple palettes from Bh Cosmetics but this one is by far the best. The pigmentation is unbelievable. They are so buttery and blendable, the perfect pop of colour. The colour range ranges between blues and purples to more warm tones like oranges. It has 18 shades and isn't that heavy of a palette, it also comes with a decent sized mirror, ideal for travelling with. This palette is truly like no other. Though if you're a mattes girl, I probably wouldn't grab this one. Another one to check out from Bh Cosmetics is the Carli palette as well. 
  2. Wet N Wild “Embrace Obscurity” - I wasn't really into all that Frozen stuff but this would have been the perfect Elsa palette. Combining matte and shimmery blues, purples and a white, I had to grab this palette. The packaging is quite cheap but what it lacks in packaging it makes up for in pigmentation. I wouldn't have even thought about this palette until I saw a photo of someone swatching it, I was mesmerized easily. It was limited edition I believe but you should definitely check out some of Wet N Wild's other palettes if they're half as good as this. Wet N Wild also recently became accessible to Australia as Sephora online now stock them.
  3. Essence “All About Roses” - Essence recently brought out an entire new collection of eyeshadow palettes which are gorgeous, though my favourite one has to be the Roses one. It's exactly the colour scheme you'd thought it'd be, pinks, browns and some whites. The packaging is pretty similar to other palettes they've come out with before but it feels very sturdy, it doesn't feel like if you dropped it, it would break. I wouldn't recommend testing that though. For the price these are absolute gold mines, the Roses palette has such an amazing colour range but I'd also recommend the Grey's palette as well.
  4. Nyx S130 Wicked Dreams - This palette is really versitile, that's what comes to mind straight off the bat. The packaging feels a little cheap but it comes with a decent sized mirror and a lid that clicks in. It's perfect for travelling with because it has 24 different shades to choose from. It somewhat annoys me that the palette is randomised and the colours aren't in any particular order but I can look past that. It has tons of warm tones and pops of colours, it has a nice mixture between mattes and shimmers. All in all if you're looking for a palette that could create tons of different looks while travelling, have a look at this one. 
  5. Lucky last the Chi Chi Oasis palette - I could have picked any of the Chi Chi palettes because they are freaking amazing but I had to go with the Oasis palette because the colour range is so nice. The palette ranges between a shimmery white, a matte black, purples, blues, greens and a couple of warm tones. The packaging looks cheap as it always does but I do like that with the Chi Chi, Essence and Wet N Wild palettes, is they have a clear lid so I can see the colours more easily and I end up using them more.