Friday, 19 February 2016

Real (Fake) Techniques Ebay Brushes Review | The Lipstick Hub

Ah Ebay, a place well known for selling fake crap to unsuspecting buyers. Not all of Ebay is crap. Not all of the fake stuff on there is crap too.

Recently Real Techniques came out with a Bold Metals collection, each brush cost around $60-70 AUD which is ridiculous in my opinion. I was so excited when I went to IMATS last year because I knew that RT would be there and I could get the brushes on a discounted price. Well that was bollocks so I scrapped that idea real quick.

Then I found out that iHerb, a place that sells authentic RT brushes had a set of three bold metals for about $70, I was totally sold on them because that was such a good deal. But in the nick of time someone on Facebook had posted a link to this set of Fake Real Techniques brushes. It was quite obvious that they were fake but they had the set of 7 for $7 AUD including shipping. It had piqued my interest for sure.

I got the 7 piece instead and I was not disappointed. These brushes are so fluffy and dense they are prefect for so many different reasons. My favourites are the 100 (gold big fluffy brush), the 301 (copper flat brush), the 300 (copper tapered brush) and the 201 (silver eyeshadow blending brush). I personally have no idea what the hell to do with the 301 brush which is shaped like a triangle but ya know.

There are quite a few things that give these away as fakes, first they are getting shipped from Hong Kong. Secondly, they are plastic, not metal. The brushes also have crooked numbers and logos on them. Lastly, the colours on the hairs are a lot more faded than the real ones.

I still wouldn't change my decision, these are great brushes, look nice on the vanity and are way more than a quarter of the price.