Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Hidden Gems #6 - Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous Concealer | The Lipstick Hub

The Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous Concealer is something that I found pretty early on in my makeup career, if you can call it that, but I'm glad that I found it because it is a literal life changer.

This concealer is probably my most used one because it is my favourite. It's a drugstore concealer which means it's a lot cheaper than any of my MAC ones. It's an all round concealer, covering up under eye circles? Check. Got some nasty pimples that need covering up? Check. This concealer is everything. Of course there are some more expensive, more popular concealers that probably do a better job at certain things, like the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer is great for under the eyes but this tiny concealer does just as good of a job in my opinion.

The packaging is mediocre, I really didn't expect anything fancy. I do like that it is plastic so it doesn't shatter when it falls to the ground like some others do.

If I had to pick one concealer to live off the rest of my life, this would definitely be it. I just haven't found anything that is as good and is a multi-tasker. If you see this in store, and it's on special grab it and hoard the crap out of it.