Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Hidden Gems #7 - Sephora Mattifying 8hr Pressed Powder | The Lipstick Hub

This week's Hidden Gem is the Sephora Mattifying 8hr Pressed Powder in the shade Clair Light 15. I'm fairly certain this has been in my favourite previously, maybe in a video or something along those lines. The Sephora collection isn't really makeup that I look at buying all that often but I really wanted a face powder that wasn't going to break my bank account. I'm fairly certain that it was around $20-30 at Sephora so it was a decent price. You get 10g of product in the compact which is 3g more than my Boe Beauty compact.

The packaging isn't anything too special, just a regular black compact. The lid is like an inverted dome shape, it dips in, there's no particular reason for that that I can see. Just an average standard click-close compact. Although on the packaging it does say 'Matifying' instead of mattifying like it does on the site.

The product itself is amazing, it gives better coverage, completely mattifies your makeup. It does kick up quite a bit of product when you dip your brush into it, so just be careful of that. It does smell like baby powder probably because the main ingredient is Talc but thats also something to just keep in mind.

Overall I do think it's a really great product, it's definitely the face powder I reach for the most out of all of them, I think it does a really great job of keeping my makeup stay matte throughout the day and helps give that extra bit of coverage when I need it. Definitely a product that needs more recognition than it gets!