Thursday, 3 March 2016

Palette Dupes | Stila Vs. Chi Chi Vs. Be Indulged | The Lipstick Hub

I had my eyes on the Stila Eyes Are The Window 'Body' and the Chi Chi LE Summer eyeshadow palettes for a little while now. I did get these a little while ago, both roughly around the holiday season but then I came across the Be Indulged Shimmer Eye Palette. The thing all these palettes have in common are the colour schemes in them.

L-R: Chi Chi, Be Indulged, Stila

Each palette has at least a pink champagne colour, a purple colour, a blue colour and a bronze-y colour. There are a couple other colours that are similar in a couple of the palettes, but those particular colours are similar in all three palettes.

The Chi Chi palette is limited edition but as of right now, you can get the palette in the holiday set online in their Sales tab. Chi Chi is an Australian brand but their website does ship internationally. This palette is $30 but in only comes in a set with a jumbo bronzer and blush, so you are getting your money's worth for sure.

The Be Indulged palette is a new brand from Kmart Australia. I do believe that it's Kmart's own brand but I'm not 100% certain. I'm also not certain on how much this palette was but it's between $15-$5, I know that it's definitely the cheapest out of the lot.

The Stila palette isn't brand new, it's been out for a while now and it's definitely the most expensive palette out of the lot, marked at $78 currently, though when I bought it, it was $72. Mecca's prices are rising so it does make it a bit hard to justify $80 on a eyeshadow palette.

You are paying for packaging, the shadows and the brand name, so obviously Stila is going to be the most expensive by default. However is Stila the best palette? Let's do some swatches.

All the swatches are done in order of: Chi Chi, Be Indulged, Stila
There are 4 sets of swatches for the colours that are in all the palettes. By far the most pigmented is Chi Chi for sure. The colours are a bit hard to see because the colours are so shimmery but Chi Chi definitely takes the cake with this one. The Be Indulged palette is okay if you're on a budget but the colours in the palette are darker than the other two. The Stila one is barely pigmented at all, it might be better if you wet your brush and then dipped into the eyeshadows, but so far, I'm not impressed with the $72 palette. Chi Chi, you are amazing as always.