Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Top 10 M.A.C Lipsticks | Lip Week | The Lipstick Hub

I haven't really done a post like this before but you'll be seeing plenty this week. These are my top 10 MAC lipsticks. There's no particular order to them, these are just the 10 lipsticks from MAC that I like the most, so far. I do have an absolute favourite and I do have a couple staple shades but other than that, there's not really any order to this. So let's get into it shall we?

L-R: Brave, Velvet Teddy, Pink Plaid, Snob, Saint Germain, Please Me, Tats, Tenor Voice, Shy Girl, Diva

  1. Brave - Satin finish: Brave is probably my absolute favourite, it was my first ever MAC lipstick and has definitely been used a lot, which is why the MAC writing on the inside is so messed up. The reason why I picked it up is because everyone was saying that it was the colour that Kylie Jenner was using so naturally I picked it up along with Soar lip liner and to this day it's probably my favourite lip combo. It's that colour that was so on-trend last year, that pink-y brown nude, it comes off darker on me than other skin tones because I'm pale as hell but it's still my favourite colour.
  2. Velvet Teddy - Matte finish: My second favourite colour from MAC and it's no surprise why, it's a cult favourite among MAC fans and is also said to be the shade Kylie wears. Velvet Teddy is a more brown nude than a pink-y brown but I still think it's a beautiful shade for my skin tone and a lot of other skin tones.
  3. Pink Plaid - Matte finish: Pink Plaid isn't my third favourite but it's definitely a me colour. It's very similar to Please Me except Pink Plaid is just a little more on the nude side than straight up pink. I did accidentally drop this on my carpet with a lid and it may have broken my heart just a little but it was fine after I cleaned it up. I can't say whether I like this one more than Please Me or if I like Please Me more than this one, they're kind of equal to me, it just depends on what undertone you want.
  4. Snob - Satin finish: Snob was I think my second ever MAC lipstick and I still love it to this day, it's absolutely perfect for Summer and Spring which I love. It's almost like if Saint Germain and Pink Plaid had a baby, this would be it. For me, my perfect pink match is Snob with Hip 'n' Happy lip liner, such a nice combo.
  5. Saint Germain - Amplified finish: Saint Germain is definitely an Amplified colour, it's hella bright and such a beautiful neon pink colour. Perfect for wanting to make a statement or just for a pop of colour. I really do understand the hype around this colour because I don't own anything like it.
  6. Please Me - Matte finish: Please Me is the one I was comparing to Pink Plaid because they are so similar in colour however Please Me has more of a pink undertone rather than a nude undertone. The Please Me I have is from a limited edition collection but I am about 85% sure that it's a permanent colour.
  7. Tats - Matte finish: Tats is from the Giambattista Vali collection and I'm pretty sure it's not a permanent colour, however they may bring it back in another collection or as a permanent shade. Tats for me is the perfect Hot Pink, raspberry reddish colour, I think it's perfect for a date night or just a general night out if you don't like reds.
  8. Tenor Voice - Matte finish: Again Tenor Voice was limited edition from the Toledo collection but like I said before, they may bring it back in another collection or as a permanent shade. Tenor Voice for me is the perfect red, it's not too orange based, it's a blue based red that is a little bit darker than your typical pure red shade, absolutely stunning.
  9. Shy Girl - Cremesheen finish: This is the only Cremesheen that's on this list and that I own because I hate Cremesheens, I really dislike the formula, though I dislike Lustre's as well. I mostly don't like Cremesheens because they don't give off much pigment and don't last long, but this is an except to that statement. Shy Girl gives off a little bit of a nude tint to the lips and it aslo gives you this shimmer to the lips that is to die for. 
  10. Diva - Matte finish: Lucky last Diva, Diva definitely isn't my least favourite on this list it just got stuck with the last position. Diva looks almost like a dark brown in the tube (in photos) but it's a very dark vampy red, I live for colours like this. Especially in Winter and during the holidays. It's such a beautiful colour to match up with a big sweater and some black leggings.

And there you have it, my top 10 MAC lipsticks. Let me know if you would like to see the rest of them or any other top 10 lipstick lists in the comments below :)