Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Easter Show Beauty Show Bag Haul | The Lipstick Hub

At the Easter Show I got a few beauty show bags, but also some fitness ones and some other ones. I thought you guys would be interested in the show bags I got and what is in them. I do apologise for this being late and coming out on the Tuesday instead of the Friday last week, but it was a public holiday, Easter Long Weekend, so I hope you can forgive me. But after this it is pretty much back to your regular scheduled program.

The first bag I got was Elle ($20). If you want to see what's included in the bag you can look at the bag's information on the Easter Show website. I was really excited for this bag, I love Elle magazine especially because Kylie Jenner was on the cover. The bag also included dry shampoo, sun glasses, magnum chocolate and an RY voucher. The amount of things you get in this bag is amazing, especially because it's $5 cheaper than the most expensive bags.

The next bag I got was the Designer Brands show bag ($20). I was a little annoyed because I specifically got there early so I could get the contour kit instead of the snowflake palette but I had already missed out before it was even mid-day. I think this bag would be great if you don't have a lot of DB stuff which I don't, so I'm excited to try out the nail polish, lipstick and mascara.

The next one is the Dolly show bag ($20) This bag had a couple of choices, like the backpack and the cap, I opted for the 'denim' backpack and the 'On Fleek' cap. The denim bag isn't what I thought it would be like, it's more a print on a canvas bag than an actual denim bag. I didn't know that one of the Dolly magazines would have an Essence freebie with it, so that was a nice surprise. The little 2016 dairy and washi tape is pretty cute. I'm also pretty happy that it had an RY coupon.

This one is the Girlfriend show bag ($15) which I think may have been the cheapest out of the lot and it's understandable why, it didn't have a whole lot in it. Though I was quite interested in the Sinful Colors nail polish, the Biore sample and the Instax magnetic pegs. I could have bought the items individually but the nail polish was a bit of a mystery colour, I really liked the design of this bag and I did want the magazines.

This bag may not be recognisable instantly because it had so many choose your owns but this one is the Young Designers Collective Fashion Bag ($25). This one was probably my favourite bag because it has so many things that are practical. I'll start with the choose your owns, so you got to choose out of two things for the bag, hat, sun glasses, purse, scarf and the Clearasil Superfruits line. I was really happy with the things I opted for, I like the chic marble design. I think the floral sunglasses are hella cute. The food and drink weren't too bad. Toothpaste is always a good thing to have a backup of. I did have to throw the coloured hair shampoo out because mine leaked which sucks but overall, definitely my favourite bag.

This bag is the Spirit State Killin It bag ($25), there were two Spirit State bags and I did purchase both of them, which means there were a lot of double ups. I'll show you the two bags side by side so you can see what I mean. There were some differences between the two like bag styles, bag and drink bottle designs. In the Killin It bag you got a phone strap for your arm where as in the Sweat More bag they offered skipping ropes. If you want to see the differences up close you can have a look at the Easter show bag website.

This bag was The Kylie and Jackie O bag ($25), it did have a lot of branding in it which kind of annoyed me. But in this bag it had a lot of practical things that drew me to it. For example, the headphones, the Bio-Oil, the Natural Paw Paw ointment, the Sunglasses, the travel charger and food I could actually eat. So if you can look past the branding, it's actually quite a good bag.

This next thing wasn't so much a showbag as it was just a stall at the Easter Show. After last years Lush boom, I was really excited to see this, the store was called Get Drenched and it was very similar to Lush, the had bath bombs, soaps, candles and lip scrubs. I picked up two of the bath bombs and the bubble bath bar for $18 all together. The bath bomb on the left is very similar to Lush's Sex Bomb so I'd like to see if it's a good dupe for it.

That's it for this year's Easter show, why don't you guys tell me what you got in the comments down below, or if there's anything that you'll be picking up?