Thursday, 27 August 2015

To Start Or To Not Start A Makeup Blog?

That’s the big question isn’t it. I’ve already started a Youtube channel but Australia’s internet is so stupid that it takes forever for anything to upload. WE LITERALLY CREATED WIFI. HOW IS OUR INTERNET SO SLOW?!
Anyway, back to the blog eh?
I will be posting on here when a new video is up and I’ll be posting on Instagram when I’ll be posting on here.

Also please excuse the boring look at the moment, I'm still editing the blog's fonts, backgrounds and sidebar etc.

I will mostly be doing reviews, swatches, hauls, MOTD’s and an overview of my monthly bae’s and hell no’s seeing as I do videos on those anyway. If you want to check out my youtube, that's down the side under 'social media'. Please, please don’t be afraid to show me some love by leaving a comment or just spreading the word.

*Edit, all posts are going up at 12:30 (GMT + 10:00) Eastern Time.