Monday, 16 November 2015

Holy Moly he is a God. | Mecca VIP Nars Event

Francois Nars is one of the most beautiful men that God has ever created, if you believe in him that is. God, not Mr. Nars.

I should probably explain this a little. So I got an email from Mecca a couple of weeks ago asking if I wanted to come to an exclusive VIP Nars event. The entire Steven Klein collection would be there, along with the lip crayon bullet collection, that was there for that night only. It was on the 12th of November at Double Bay. There’s also one in Melbourne soon. They would be serving champagne and canap├ęs as well as general socialising. It was $50 to book but you could redeem that $50 on any purchase you make this included general Nars things too. Mecca also promised that they would be giving out the new Nars Audacious mascara in Black Moon and the Nars kohl eyeliner in Minorque as a gift. The best bit was that any purchase you make would go towards your beauty loop account. I was so excited by that the time I got to the event I was like Jennifer Lawrence peeing herself, except I didn’t piss my pants. Only a little.

This was a huge deal. I mean I was even freaking out over whether I was wearing the right clothes or not. It seemed like a pretty formal event but what if I was the only one who was in a freaking ball gown. That was not happening. I got off the ferry that took me to Double Bay wharf and it was bloody cold. It was windy as hell and not to mention, raining. I was not having it. If my hair down and styled looked fabulous before, it certainly didn’t now. I pulled out an umbrella that of course instantly went inside out from the incredible freaking wind. I headed towards where I needed to go, determined to get this freaking umbrella the right way when I forgot I needed to tap off (my opal card that is). Crap. So reaching into my handbag, my hair flying in around, umbrella inside out, I whipped it out… and it nearly fell into the goddamn ocean. Just a little insight as to why I was nervous as hell.

Lining up I was about 4th in line, I got there on time so I was pretty shocked to see not that many people there. The mecca ladies were all so nice about everything and were pumping us up. After a couple girls lined up behind me I started chatting to them, lovely girls they were. A mecca lady came along and asked us if we were all wearing Nars lipsticks, I said of course and so did another girl but one was not. I was shocked to say the least haha. The mecca lady asked me if I was wearing Vienna which I wasn’t, I was wearing the only Nars lipstick I could imagine wearing to an event like this, Scarlett Empress. Which of course looks different on me than everyone else because I have the skin tone of a freaking snow man.

We waited a little while only about 10 minutes before they trickled us in, which I liked because it wasn’t so over whelming and we could take our time looking around. They checked our names off the list and I went straight for the lip bullet, there was no way in hell that that beauty was escaping me tonight. I looked around and seriously considered getting the One Shocking Moment palette had IMATS not been around the corner. But I will be revisiting Mecca soon. I will not let it escape me either.

The bullet looks beautiful if you haven’t seen it by the way. It has a pop off lid, inside it has a little lip crayon stand/holder. The lip crayons are in the shades BKLR (a sparkle-y magenta), Dragon Girl (a hot red) and Sex Machine (sparkle-y pale pink). 

Something else surprised me, they had Nars candles and Francois’ book there for sale too. I was in love with the candles but couldn’t get them :( They had the typical Nars packing, the rubbery-matte with the ingrained Nars written across. They had a black one, which had notes of Vanilla and Sandalwood (I was dying) and a white one that had floral notes. The workers didn’t exactly know what was in them but I knew they were beautiful.

The big event of the night of course was Francois himself being there. After gushing over the candles, I was about 4th in line to meet him. Francois and his manager? were there and they were both so lovely, they complemented my hair and asked me if I was enjoying myself. I asked Mr. Nars if he liked Sydney and he loved it. He signed my bullet and a mecca worker took a photo of us together. It was magical.

Although the event went on for another two hours, I had gotten everything I wanted so I left feeling elated. Mecca really could not have hosted a better event and I was so lucky to have been invited.

- I also forgot to include that when you made a purchase, they gave you a special vinyl tote bag that had the Nars logo with Steven Klein written on it, and had the mascara and kohl eyeliner in it.