Monday, 28 December 2015

Christmas Beauty Haul

Santa treated me more than well this year. Partially from myself but also from others. So far I've tested out quite a few of the products already but I wanted to give you my review as early as possible, as some of these items are limited editions and some have codes.

Pictured above: Kat Von D - Mi Vida Loca lip set, Lime Crime - Limited Edition Velvetine trio, Venus eyeshadow palette bundle, Lush - Home for Christmas set, Vanity Planet - spa set and assorted lip balms.

The Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca lip set was something that I had been waiting for forever to arrive to Australia. My god it was worth the wait, it was also a present from someone. The thing that attracted me to it the most was the white limited edition 'Gold Blooded' lipstick. Isn't she pretty? I have to say that I really do love the Kat Von D mini's as well. The shade range is so good, from bright oranges to lilacs and a sparkly black. I wasn't too excited about the eyeshadow palette but this was right up my Christmas wish list. The formula is the same as the normal Studded Kiss Lipsticks, I don't really have much else to report about them but I suspect some swatches will arise.

Lime Crime: Venus and Venus II palettes, also the limited edition velvetine trio.
I was so excited to see these released, I do believe they were released around Black Friday, though it could have been released earlier. I hadn't previously owned any Lime Crime eyeshadows but my god these rocked my world. I got them in the Venus bundle when it came back in stock for $49 from the website. It's still in stock and it's good value for money. The palettes are highly pigmented, and do kick up some powder. The first palette is amazing if you love the burnt red, burgundy eyeshadow look. The second palette is amazing if you want really unique shades, really unique.
The velvetine trio are freaking amazing. The shades, Peacock (dark teal), Beet It (purple wine shade) and Buffy (brown based nude). Despite people's thoughts, it's Beet It, not Bee Tit. The pack was $44 on the site and is still available. I really do believe that these are unique shades to the liquid lipstick range, Beet It is an amazing holiday shade, or fall shade for you Americans. The formula is the same as the normal velvetine range. This was a gift to myself and seeing as it was the holidays, it was fast shipping too.

This lush set was a gift from someone and it's part of their christmas gift set range. This was the Home For Christmas gift set, the gift set includes the Rose Jam shower gel, Porridge soap, Dream Cream body lotion. The set all together smells amazing, so do the pieces individually. To see actual results I would need to post a review later after I've used the products some more. But currently I haven't got anything bad to say about these products except that I haven't stopped smelling them.

This lipbalms were stocking gifts and I freaking love them. They are cute novelty gifts that are perfect for someone with chapped lips. I've currently tried the normal Mountain Dew lipbalm, its not quite moisturising the same as one that more directed at healing your lips, but if your lips don't need fixing, these taste/smell amazing. I'm definitely interested to see what the rest of these are like but if you're in need of some serious lip repairing, I probably wouldn't reach for these.

I've seen these everywhere, probably the most popular and the most expensive I've seen on the market, are the Clarisonic ones. They typically go for $150-$250, I don't know about you but that is just a little bit too freaking much. This one however from Vanity Planet, is typically $125. It's the Ultimate Skin Spa System, this came to my attention after it appeared in Shaaanxo's video about her night time routine. She had the code 'Shaaanxo' for 70% off, also for every time someone uses that code, Vanity Planet donate to a New Zealand charity. I can't quite remember which one but I do like that about VP. I do have to say this is freaking life-changing, or skin changing should I say. I saw changes in my skin instantly, god it felt amazing. I would definitely check it out.

The last thing isn't a beauty item but I just wanted to share it because I thought it was really cool, another present from someone. The FitBit, Charge HR. One really cool aspect is that if you have it linked up to your phone and someone is calling you, the Fit Bit lets you know. Some other really cool aspects is the challenges with friends, the sleep tracker and the BPM monitor. If you wanna find out more you can check out their website, but they ain't cheap.