Thursday, 3 September 2015

Colourpop - Your introduction

There’s been a lot of youtubers and beauty guru’s talking about the brand Colourpop, including me. I have done about 5 orders from Colourpop and I’ve had a feel for all their products. In case you’re a Colourpop newbie and you’re looking to pop your cherry, I’ve compiled a list of all the Colourpop collections/items you should get on your first go around.

There are a couple things you should know before buying Colourpop:
  • The lippie stix are in long tube forms, they aren’t the typical MAC bullet.
  • The eyeshadows/blushes/highlighters/bronzers all have a creamy feel to it but finish like a powder
  • It’s cheap as hell for their products :D

The first thing you need to get is the Forget The Fruit Cake lippie stix collection.
It’s $30 USD and it comes with 6 lippie stixs. It gives you a great colour range from nude to pink to red to 3 darker plum shades. You really get a feel of their different finishes (matte and hyper-glossy).
Next I suggest the In Bloom collection for $39 USD.
This gives you a feel for their blushes, highlighters and lippie stixs. The blushes include a coral blush and a more pinky/plumy blush. Both of which have great pigmentation when applied with a stippling brush. There are 3 lippie stixs and the lip colours are a little more on the pinker side but now you have cream finishes in your collection. The highlighter may be a little dark on really pale people but it’s a great one to experiment with nonetheless, you could definitely use it for ‘strobing’.

This one is great if you love neutral eyeshadows and are a big fan of the Youtuber Shaaanxo. This is her collab with Colourpop and its own $20 USD for 4 eyeshadows. You get a champagne colour, mid-tone brown, khaki green and a more rusty brown. These are a mix of pearlised finishes and matte finishes. You can great so many different looks using these eyeshadows and you can follow her own tutorial using them on her channel.

A couple products I haven’t covered by the collections above I’ll list my favourites below:

  • Bronzer - Carry on (recommended for medium to dark skin tones, however a light hand makes it perfect for pale people). Also a matte finish and is only $8 USD

  • Lip pencil - Lumiere $5USD - No finish but it leans more on the matte side.

  • Ultra Matte Lip - Midi, Lychee and LAX - All $5 USD each and are a matte liquid lipstick, I recommended 3 so you get to try a range of colours.