Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Hidden Gems #1 - Maybelline Master Sculpt

Hidden Gems is a thing I've decided to do, possibly weekly, but scheduling could conflict. But it should most likely be weekly. Hidden Gems is a little review about a product that isn't very well talked about, or has a little bit of hype about but needs some more recognition.

The first product I'm going to talk about is the Maybelline Master Sculpt, specifically in the shade light/medium. I heard about this product from Karissa on Youtube and she described it as the perfect contour shade for pale people. That caught my attention straight away and the next 40% off Maybelline sale at Priceline, it was the first thing I picked up. It has a contour shade and a smaller highlighter shade. You can flip up the middle panel and underneath is a mirror and contour brush, similar to the widely known Becca one but not quite the same.

This contour shade is the perfect, ashy-but-not-too-ashy brown for pale skin tones. It doesn't give you a harsh line that makes you look like the Joker but instead gives you that perfect shadow for definition.

The highlight shade is okay, its not completely perfect but it's not at all chunky-glittery. It's not going to give you that Jeffree Star glow, but it will be a nice touch if you need something simple for work.
The compact is perfect for day-to-day travels as it comes with the brush and mirror as well but I love to take it with me for proper travelling as well.

Overall it's the perfect shade for contouring for pale skin tones, the packaging makes it easy to travel with and it's affordable, especially if there's a target or priceline sale on.