Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Mecca Beauty Loop Box 20/1

On the 20th of Jan the Mecca Beauty Loop boxes got released. I was hella excited for these as the last one was absolute perfection. If you don't know what Beauty Loop is, it's basically Mecca's reward programm, I do believe that it was introduced middle last year. The more you buy from Mecca the higher up you go, each level has different benefits but all the levels get something free on their birthday (SPOILERS: I do believe it is a Mecca hand cream) and each level gets a beauty loop box. Basically level one is the basic one, second is a bit better and the third is the best "supposedly."

I'm on level 2 and my god I could not have been more disappointed.

My very first one was a level 1 and it had a mini By Terry mascara, a Kate Somerville moisturiser, a Josie Maran moisturiser and a Ren facial sample. The second box I got was a level 2 and it had a Ren facial sample, a mini Too Faced bronzer, samples of the Too Faced Born This Way foundation in different shades and a mini Nars Larger Than Life Long-Wear eyeliner in Via Veneto. I was absolutely in love with this box. The boxes are a bit of a hit and miss though, level 3 was jealous of the level 2 box because our box was better than theirs.

However this time around the level 1 box was better than the level 2's and level 3 was freaking amazing. It's really confusing.

In my box this year I got a mini Smashbox bb cream in light, a mini Byredo perfume, a Kate Somerville mask sample and a Bumble and Bumble shampoo and conditioner sample. It really pissed me off that we got almost the same sample (the Kate Somerville one) as the one I did in my first level 1 box. I'm grateful for the free stuff, (though can you really call it free stuff when you have to spend a certain amount of money at their store to get this?) but this box wasn't that great. I find sachet samples to be the most annoying things on the planet. Someone did say that these were expensive brands but this just seemed, too random. The perfume is nice I guess but you have to have a particular scent in mind. The bb cream is probably the best thing in the box, but it's a bb cream, which means it has different shades. I don't know if every box had the shade light in it but I felt that was very unfair to all the other skin tones. At least with the Too Faced born this way foundation samples they had different shades. This just didn't seem very inclusive and might have been the only redeeming thing in the box.

I will say that I love the beauty loop boxes, my second one literally left my jaw on the floor, but this one could have done better. I do like that they changed the box though, it used to be a pullout type mechanism but now it's a lid type box. I hope the next one is better!