Monday, 25 January 2016

Troye Sivan's Concert Makeup

Troye Sivan recently had a concert on the 13th of Jan so of course I went with one of my friends.
The concert was amazing and I have to say that both Nicole Millar and Troye Sivan were phenomenal. Seeing as Troye's album name was Blue Neighbourhood, I decided to go a little blue.

On my lips was Jeffree Star's Abused. It was a perfect dark blue for what I wanted. I ordered it from Beserk Clothing the week before and it arrived the day before the concert so I was really happy about that, I didn't even pay for express shipping so I was really impressed, granted I have ordered from them before and I knew the shipping would be quick.

On my nails was Lime Crime's Once In A Blue Mousse. On Troye's album artwork, the sky is this milky blue that I thought perfectly matched. I also didn't want to go overboard with bright and bold blues because I didn't want the look to be too full on.

On the eyes I used my new Lime Crime Venus 2 palette, specifically the shade Filter. It's a perfect baby blue, I can't say much more than that, other than Lime Crime nailed it with this shade.

For my actual outfit I wore a button up blue tie-dye crop top from Supre, my high waisted light blue jeans from American Apparel and my teal green converse.

I also got hella sunburnt from waiting in line. It got to the point where I had first degree burns on my face the next day and had blisters all over my forehead. That was fun.

The concert was great and I can't wait to do another themed look soon.